The site can be configured in the file Blades.toml in its root directory. There, the following variables can be set. All of them are optional, default values are shown.

Any other variable of any type can be set there and used in the templates, too.

# Title of the site
title = ""
# URL which the site is expected to be accessed through
url = ""
# Name of the folder where theme templates and assets shall be loaded from,
# located in the themes directory (see below)
theme = ""
description = "" 
keywords = ""
image = ""
# A code for the language of the site, such as en-gb
lang = ""

# Generate sitemap
sitemap = true
# Generate RSS feed
rss = true
# Generate Atom feed
atom = true
# Generate taxonomies that were not explicitly defined in this config
implicit_taxonomies = true
# When no date for a page is specified, use the file creation date
dates_of_creation = true

# A directory where the content is loaded from
content_dir = "content"
# A directory where the theme is loaded from
theme_dir = "themes"
# A directory where the content is rendered to
output_dir = "public"
# A subdirectory of the output directory where the assets are copied to
assets = "assets"

author = ""
email = ""

# A table of tables where you can specify some data about taxonomies
# Example with default values:
tags = { name = "", description = "", template = "taxonomy.html", key_template = "taxonomy_key.html", paginate_by = inf, sort_by_weight = false }
# If provided, 'paginate_by' must be a positive integer

# Plugins to use in the site
# Commands to run as input plugins
input = []
# Commands to run as output plugins
output = []
# Commands to run as transform plugins
transform = []
# A map of a short name and a command to run as a content plugin
# Each one can then be enabled on a particular page to transform its content
content = {}
# A list of content plugins (specified above) to run on every page
default = []