blazing fast dead simple static site generator

Blades is made to do one job and do it well - generate HTML files from the provided content using the provided templates.
Thanks to the amazing Ramhorns templating engine, zero-copy deserialisation and rayon parallel iterators, it renders the whole site in milliseconds, possibly more than 10 times faster than other generators like Hugo.

It's made for easy setup and use. A static site generator should be a no brainer. It uses mustache templates with extremely minimal and obvious syntax (really, like 7 rules!), while providing the necessary building blocks to let you focus on your content.

You may categorise your pages into taxonomies (like categories or tags), use the usual features like pagination or breadcrumbs and even generate image galleries.
Sitemap and RSS feed are automatically rendered.
All done without hassle, faster than you blink.

Why not blades?

Unlike other monolithic generators, Blades is modest in its scope. All it does is generating your site. It doesn't do any fancy stuff like transpiling Haskell to minified Javascript, or ever watching the site for changes. For that, you can use a dedicated tool like caretaker.

Nevertheless, if you have a feature request or ran into some issue using Blades, please submit an issue. It is a hobby project, so any contribution is welcome! :)

Why blades?

They shave the mustache off.